Furmax Gaming Chair Review – Inexpensive Yet Tough?

Furmax ergonomic gaming chair

In this era of cut-throat competition and a wide range of choices in the market, it’s only natural for you to be confused amongst this wide variety of choices. We have looked through an overwhelming amount of choices of gaming chairs and came across a tough yet inexpensive gaming chair. … Read more

Secretlab Omega Vs. Titan: Which Gaming Chair Should you go for?

Secretlab Omega vs Titan

Whether you’re profusely sweating away whilst playing the latest Star Wars game on a Saturday night or you’re sitting back with a cup of coffee enjoying a live stream, the most important thing (at least to me) is having a kickass, prepossessing chair that does wonders upon first glance. Everyone … Read more

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100$ – Reviews

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100$

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Best Gaming Chairs with Cup Holders – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Chairs with Cup Holders

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What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

The Herman Miller Aeron - shroud’s gaming chair

Michael Grzesiek is a popular streamer and gamer based out of Canada. He is better known by his online alias Shroud and is the former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. His YouTube channel has over 6.4 million subscribers, and his Twitch Channel has around 7.8 million followers. He is popular … Read more

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers and Vibration

Whether you are a professional gamer or a casual gamer, a huge part of your day is spent sitting on a chair in front of a computer. Even casual streamers who spend the day watching videos and surfing through the internet, find themselves sitting for a long period. For customers … Read more

Elecwish Gaming Chair Review – A Gamer’s Review.

elecwish gaming chair review

Elecwish is a manufacturer of furniture, based out of a factory in the west of Shanghai. Apart from gaming chairs, they build office chairs, patio furniture, bathroom vanities, makeup dressing table, bar stool and table, fitness equipment, smart lighting, and basic home decor. Products by Elecwish are made keeping in … Read more

Best Small Gaming Chairs for Short People

Best Small Gaming Chairs for Short People

Professional gaming requires long hours of sitting, and such extended hours of sitting may turn out to be bad for your back in the long run. An aid would be investing in a good quality chair, made especially for gaming- essentially, a gaming chair. The human spine is S-shaped, it … Read more

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review – Gamer’s Review

respawn 110 gaming chair review

Any game becomes more adventurous when it is played sitting in the amazing valorous chair. With the growth of technologies, the Gaming chair has now become very popular all across the globe. Founded in 1995, “Respawn 110 Gaming Chair” offers an amazing designed chair with several features. The main objective … Read more