Respawn 200 Gaming Chair Review

Respawn-200 Gaming Chair Review

You’re playing Among us with your friends, and you’re the imposter. The tension is slowly building, and suddenly you realise the game is heating up. How are you going to stay calm? It all resides within the chair. Whether you’re grinding that Call of Duty game or tasking away during … Read more

Clutch Chairz Review: Are Clutch Gaming Chairs Worth the Hype?

clutch chairz review

There is absolutely no way you haven’t heard about Clutch Chairz. Chances are you’ve probably surfed the internet and have found it there, or you’ve watched it in one of Pewdiepie’s videos. Let’s face it, who hasn’t? The truth is, Clutch Chairz is among the top manufacturers for gaming chairs … Read more

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Review

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair Review

It’s been a long day at work, and you’re dying to go home. But the moment you stand up, you notice your back has started to ache. Why’s that? Whilst these are common issues seen in day-to-day to life, you can prevent it with the right tools and equipment in … Read more

Herman Miller Embody Review

Herman Miller Embody Review

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to sit on a throne? I know what you may be thinking, and the answer is no. Not the one the Queen sits on, nor the prickly, jagged one you see in the Game of Thrones. I mean the ones that … Read more

Herman Miller Sayl Review

Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review

Herman Miller is an American company based in Zeeland which is sought-after by a huge bracket of customers for its excellent and reliable office furniture. This company also takes pride in the brilliant eco-friendly production with recyclable materials. Boiling down the admiration to its paramountcy in gaming chairs’ production, it … Read more

Herman Miller Aeron Review – Gamer’s Review

herman miller aeron chair review

The Herman Miller Company has a terrific recognition available in the marketplace thanks to its long tradition in the production of the best office furniture. Its records started in 1905 when Michigan Star Furniture Company was founded. This home office furniture business changed in 1923 by one of its employees, … Read more

Furmax Gaming Chair Review – Inexpensive Yet Tough?

Furmax ergonomic gaming chair

In this era of cut-throat competition and a wide range of choices in the market, it’s only natural for you to be confused amongst this wide variety of choices. We have looked through an overwhelming amount of choices of gaming chairs and came across a tough yet inexpensive gaming chair. … Read more

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100$ – Reviews

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100$

Whether you are a professional gamer or streamer, you might spend a huge amount of your day sitting and fighting enemies in your video games or communicating with your followers. Due to the long sitting hours, your back and neck may be burdened by staying in the same position, and … Read more

Best Gaming Chairs with Cup Holders – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Chairs with Cup Holders

Gaming chairs are a must investment for gamers and streamers alike. They provide the right comfort and back support for long sitting hours that usually come with a career in video gaming or streaming. Many professional gamers usually play video games continuously without getting up for food or drinks. For … Read more