Who We Are?

If you’d want us to assign ourselves a tag, we think ‘over enthusiastic gamers’ aptly describes us. We’re a bunch of mates that have been casually gaming for over a decade now. While some of us stream here and there, we mostly play games for fun. The hobby that originated in the college dorm and grew over night outs has become an indispensable part of our lives.

We’re in constant search of new PC and Console games that give us an adrenaline rush to balance out the lack of thrill in our fairly sedentary day job. While there might be some obvious cons that come with our favorite pastime, it’s the only thing that helps us keep our sanity and not turn into werewolves past midnight. If you know you know!

What We Do?

Apart from our day jobs and leisure gaming; we dedicate our time and resources to put together reviews of gaming accessories based on our extensive experience with them. We’ve reviewed a series of gaming chairs across brands and budget segments that are rather prevalent among casual and professional gamers. Having used most of them ourselves, our cumulative experience makes us qualified to have a valued opinion for the average novice buyer that’s looking to get into gaming.

Aside from that, you’d also find informative content on this website that parts accessories that are only suitable for a certain type of gamers from what they’re often confused with. We’re well-versed with PC and Console gaming and can advise with buying apt accessories for both. In essence, we intend on making this website a one-stop solution for gamers that tend to go the extra mile when it comes to hover in their virtual world.

Affiliate Disclosure

Zoetico is an affiliate of Amazon under the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means, we may get a small percentage of commission from qualifying purchases that we refer to them. However, this does not affect our bias towards to the products we test nor does it affect the price of the product(s) for you.

How Can You Contact Us? 

You may reach us for brand enquiries and other questions at [email protected]